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Stephen King's Mist covers villages in West-Kazakhstan oblast

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A strange fog has scared the citizens of one of the villages in West-Kazakhstan oblast and caused the sanitary services to check the area, UralskWeek writes.

 According to the witnesses, the fog was not wet, did not leave any dew and had no smell. A similar natural phenomenon was registered in the end of May 2010 when a mass saiga die-off was registered in Zhanibek region of the oblast.

 "The fog appears every time southern wind starts blowing, i.e. the fog is brought from Atyrau oblast. I cannot say for sure, but maybe it is somehow related to development of the cement field by Satbor company or there are some emissions at the fields in Atyrau oblast? But this is not an ordinary fog. It is not wet, very heavy and flows close to the ground filling cavities and lowlands. It does not leave any dew and does not look like smoke. It just looks like a white curtain in the air," the local citizen Mikhail said.

 Meanwhile, according to another citizen Rakhmetulla Sharipiyev, trees have started drying out after the fog in 2010. "Look, the trees are drying out and crumbling as if they were rotting for several years. If it's not because of the fog, then because of what?" he said. A mobile group of the regional sanitary-epidemiological service arrived at the site because of the citizens' concerns. However, the fog had dispersed by the time they arrived.

 The experts measured the radiation background in the village and it turned out to be normal. According to the acting senior sanitary doctor of the regional sanitary-epidemiological control service, no hazardous mixtures were discovered in the air. "Yes, several villagers applied to me. They were concerned about the fog. I told this to the regional administration and the sanitary-epidemiological service. But this is part of my job. I just informed, nothing else. There was no emergency situation in the village. The fog was also seen in the neighboring villages and no human diseases were registered there because of the fog," the village Akim (Mayor) Gulzhamal Kuanysheva said.

April 9 2013, 16:13

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