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Man plans, fails attack on police in Aktobe, gets 8 years

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Man, accused of preparing attacks on Kandyagash police department and KNB HQ, was sentenced to 8 years. Investigation revealed that Rauan Faizullayev had been hiding explosives and weaponry in a kindergarten, writes express-k.

As stated in the verdict, Faizullayev, 24, was a member of an Islamic radical movement that promoted terrorist ideas. Between 2009 and 2012 he was involved in terrorist act arrangements.

He run ideologic guidance to his supporters, mainly young men from the town of Kandyagash, to the south of Aktobe. In 2011 he was actively planning suicide bombing attacks with his 6 sidekicks being unaware one of them was a KNB agent.

During investigation, Faizullayev confessed to his guilt, however denied his previous evidence at the trial.

"I have nothing to do with terrorist attacks. I just taught people how to pray and enlightened them" he said at the court.


March 27 2013, 16:13

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