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Strong wind tears roofs off

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Photo by Kanat YELEUOV

Sharp fitful wind came crushing down on the city of Atyrau on March 16 bringing a lot of trouble to townspeople.

We received phone calls from dwellers complaining the city waste dump was burning again.

Muratbek Khassanov, the head of Specavtobaza, a local special vehicles agency responsible for waste collection and utilization, invalidated the rumors and said it was dust, not smoke, above the city brought by the storm.

Our news photographer has pictured the damage the wind brought to administrative and living buildings.

According to a duty synoptic of the local Kazgidromet office, Kyrmyzy Kapanova, the wind's strength was 17 m/s. It may grow up to 20m/s forecasts say.

Encounter of a cyclone and anti-cyclone over the Caspian Sea resulted in a strong SE wind.


March 18 2013, 11:17

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