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Afghan suicide bomber revenged for anti-Islamic film

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Protests against the notorious anti-Islamic film ‘Innocence of Muslims’ gather pace – a blast shook Kabul taking at least 12 lives.

The explosion happened at the road to the international airport – a suicide lady bomber directed her mine-studded Toyota Corolla on a microbus that was taking employees of an international courier company to the airport.   

In the result, 8 foreign citizens were killed: one of Kyrgyzstan and seven South African nationals.

According to Reuters, Hizb-i-Islami, the second by volume political and Islamist organization of the country claimed itself responsible for the terrorist action. According to the representative of the organization, Zubeir Seddiki, it was an act of revenge for the film that insulted Prophet Mohammed, made in the United States.

The wave of protests in North Africa and Middle East - in the countries with prevailing Muslim population, began soon after the film ‘Innocence of Muslims’ appeared in the world web, depicting Prophet Mohammed’s life in a critical manner.

To recall, on September 12, the US ambassador to Libya and three officers of the diplomatic mission were killed in Benghazi. Then the disorder spread to Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon, Sudan, Israel and Yemen. Protests were also held in some European countries, Australia, Morocco, Pakistan, Qatar, Jordan and India. Overt protests of insulted Muslims also took place in Indonesia and Afghanistan prior to the attack on microbus in Kabul.

September 18 2012, 16:49

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