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Military IDs available within month

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As we reported before, one month military training courses for those who never saw duty will open in Atyrau.

The courses will open based on the government ruling issued in early February.

According to Marat Rakhman, the director of the military training school, young men aged 22-27, who for some reason never had military service, may pass training there. The conscripts will spend a month living in barracks.

"Every month we will accept 30 people, 240 in a year. Graduates will not be given military ranks, but receive military IDs and a relevant certificate upon successful completion that will allow them to work in military garrisons if they want," he says.

Legally, the attendees will not lose their jobs and retain salaries during the training. Neighboring Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan also practice such alternative to a full military service. 

Theoretical training takes 152 hours. Besides, cadets will have to do military and physical exercises.

With the certificate upon completion, in further they may enter road police, fire fighting service, police and etc.

210,000 tenge a student pays for the course will cover his every-day meals, clothing and personal hygiene items.


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