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Solar energy to brighten Zhanaozen streets

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Zhanaozen adopts alternative energy: street lamps on solar batteries are being installed throughout the small town to the east of Aktau, writes Tumba.

Sun power accumulated during the day will help illuminate streets in the dark. The batteries may last as much as 14 hours. It takes 5 hours to fully charge them in sunny days and twice longer in cloudy weather.

210 such lamps will be installed this year. The government has allocated T156mln for the project, which is advantageous both in environmental and economical terms.

The lamps must prove good within 2 years. Previously, street lamps used to burn too often and required replacement. But these ones have a guarantee of 10 years, explained Tilek Koshmagambetov, deputy mayor of Zhanaozen.




March 6 2013, 09:40

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