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Over 50 fit in Gazelle minibus in Uralsk - flash mob

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Activists of t-art movement and bystanders took part in a flash mob called People's Record in the city of Uralsk.

The target was to box up as much people as possible into a Gazelle mid-sized van.

Of course, the achievement failed to break the world record, but they managed to enter Kazakhstan's Guinness book.

Inside a Gazelle with windows shut, 57 people hardly accommodated.

The idea came to mind during a usual trip in public transport. At first we just wondered how many people may get into a minivan in a go. Then we decided to make a special record, says a participant.

The facilitators say they will keep trying to glorify Uralsk through various positive activities.

You have ideas, come to us, we will do them together, t-art invited.


February 25 2013, 12:54

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