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Equipment in - oil out

August 16 2012, 19:33

According to the Customs Control report on six months of 2012 the foreign trade volume of Atyrau Oblast equals $16,749bn.
The lion’s share of the trade is export - $15,997bn. Generally, we sell crude oil and oil products which constitute 98% of overall export. In half a year, Kazakhstan sent 16,385,000 tons of crude oil to Italy, France, Netherlands, Canada, Israel, Turkey, Ukraine, etc.
The volume of import is much less and makes $752mln, but to compare with the last year it has grown by 30%. The feature of our oblast is reflected in our import – we mainly bring vehicles, oil and gas equipment, metal things, chemicals, industrial goods and electronic appliances from Ukraine, USA, UK, Italy, Germany, France, Turkey and China.  


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