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October 24

Roads closed for repairs in Atyrau on Oct 24

On October 24 in Atyrau due to road repairs the traffic will be closed on Makhambet Street - from the crossing with Satybaldiyev Street till the crossing with Baimukhanov Street;

- traffic will be limited on a traffic circle  at the crossing of Makhambet and Baymukhanov Streets.

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To the attention of drivers using Atyrau –Dossor highway!

Sarens company is continuing transportation of the large-sized freight (width-10,5 meters, height-10,5 meters and weight- 300 tons), so-called “elephant”, to Tengiz field.

On October 19 the freight was transported from the river port via the city to Karabatan. On October 24 at 7.00am the freight is moving in the direction of Dossor. Due to this the traffic movement on Atyrau-Dossor highway will be restricted.

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October 23

Marksmen are competing this week in Atyrau

On October 24-25 at 10.00am at Atyrau technological college of oil and gas (near Railway Station area) regional rifle and pistol shooting championship will be held.

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Roads closed for repairs in Atyrau on October 23

- Makhambet Street from intersection with Satybaldieva till intersection with Baimukhanov Streets.

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October 22

Imangali Tasmagambetov headed Ministry of Defence

President Nazarbayev arrived to Mayor’s Office in Astana and informed about appointment of the Mayor Tasmagambetov as the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Then he introduced to the staff the new Mayor of Astana. Together with Imangali Tasmagambetov he went to the Ministry of Defence. The official statement about the appointment is expected any minute.

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Roads closed for repairs in Atyrau on October 22

On October 22 in Atyrau traffic will be closed due to repairs on:

- Makhambet Street -  from intersection with Chelhov Street till intersection with Griboedov Street.

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October 21

Court starts hearing former Chief of Issatai District Police’s death case

On October 21, the city court # 2 under the chairmanship of the judge Zaure Kazakbai started hearing the criminal case under the Article 308 of the Criminal Code of Kazakhstan (‘Abuse of authority or powers of office”) concerning the employees of the financial police department - senior investigator Aibat Sarin and chief of the 1st department for fight against corruption Baurzhan Ertaev.

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How to train personnel? President said - “like Germans do it” (+update)

On October 20, Gulshara Abdykalikova, Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, and Aslan Sarinzhipov, Minister of Education, visited Atyrau with working visit. They discussed the issues of vocational training modernization with the heads of state agencies and major oil and gas companies.

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October 20

Oil worker from Kashagan got poisoned by H2S

One of the employees of oilfield services company on D island in Kashagan was delivered to the intensive care unit of Atyrau regional hospital with symptoms of hydrogen sulfide poisoning.  

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Roads closed for repairs in Atyrau on Oct 20

On October 20 in Atyrau the traffic will be restricted on:

Makhambet Street – from intersection with Chekhov Street till intersection with Satybaldiev Street.

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October 19

Governor Baktykozha Izmukhambetov: “Six billion for the Forum? No, we didn’t spend that much!”

On October 17, during the briefing at the Central Communications Service under the President of Kazakhstan the Governor of Atyrau Oblast Baktykozha Izmukhambetov made the report titled “About social and economic development of the region and implementation of the state and industry programs".

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October 17

Atyrau airport cancels flights, evacuates people due to forgetful passenger

Today, on October 17, at Atyrau international airport 3 flights were delayed for a few hours due to forgetful passenger who left his bag in the toilet.

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Roads closed for repairs in Atyrau on October 17

On October 17, in Atyrau the central bridge will be closed for resurfacing activities and the section of Makhambet Street from intersection with Valikhanova Street till intersection with Satybaldieva Street will be also closed for resurfacing.

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October 15

Central bridge will be closed for 2 days due to road repairs on October 16

October 16,  due to resurfacing activities the central bridge will be closed for 2 days from 2pm of Oct 16 till Oct 18.

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October 16

Oversized equipment for Tengiz will be hauled along the roads of Atyrau

On Sunday, October 19, an oversized cargo for TCO’s plant at Tengiz will be hauled from the river port via several streets of Atyrau to its destination.

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October 14

TCO’s innovative school for children is not an illusion

“Tengizchevroil” built for the children of its national employees an innovative school. The training program for the school was developed by Nursultan Nazarbayev’s Education Fund (FONN). The official opening of the school took place on October 8. The cost of the project is not disclosed.

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Three persons died in night road accident

On the night of October 13 on the Atyrau-Uralsk highway near Inderborsky village Lada Granta car collided with a horse. Three people died due to the accident.

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Roads closed for repairs on October 14

On October 14, the section of the Makhambet Street – from cros-sections with Abai Street and Temirkhanova Street (former Zheleznodorozhnaya) will be closed for 2 days due to asphalt laying.

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October 10

What would you like to ask the Governor?

On October 17 at 11:00am (Astana time) in the Central Communications Service under the RoK President ( briefing will be held with participation of the Governor of Atyrau Oblast Baktykozha Izmukhambetov. The briefing will be directly broadcasted by “24kz” TV channel. The questions could be sent beforehand by e-mail to the Governor’s administrative support office:    

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Streets closed for repairs for 2 days on October 11

Tomorrow, October 11, from 8:00am the section of Makhambet Street from Philharmonic Theatre till cross-section with Abai Street will be closed due to laying of new asphalt, Atyrauinzhdorstroi LLP informed. The above section of the street will be closed for 2 days.

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To Atyraulians from Aktau - with love (video)

The surprising gift was made to the residents of Atyrau by these guys from Aktau - 3-minute video about our hometown. Video is called “I love Atyrau”.


October 9

Ex-Governor’s Case. Prosecutors ask for a prison term of 8 to 18 years

On October 1 the pleadings in court has started with regard to case of Bergei Ryskaliyev's organized criminal group. During the first two days prosecutors read the accusations. They asked for a prison term of 8 to 18 years for defendants.


October 8

Death in “Renaissance” Hotel

On September 29 at 21.10 in one of the rooms of “Renaissance” hotel the dead body of the guest was found.


Evil spirit

It’s been a few days since some strange things happened in the suburban village of Damba.


Chevron Corporation to build Youth Palace in Atyrau

On October 7, near Ice Palace the Governor of Atyrau Oblast Baktykozha Izmukhambetov and John S. Watson, CEO of Chevron Corporation laid the symbolic ‘corner stone’ during the groundbreaking ceremony of the future Youth and Children’s Palace in Atyrau.


TCO allocates $4 million for healthcare in Atyrau region

Tengizchevroil will allocate USD 4 million for implementing a program to improve public health in the Atyrau region, according to the press service of the company.


October 7

Academic folk orchestra of Dina Nurpeisova opens its 57th season in Atyrau Drama Theatre

Tomorrow, Wed., October 8, at 19:00 in Atyrau Drama Theater named after Makhambet Utemissov the Academic Folk Orchestra of Dina Nurpeisova will open its 57th season with the concert “Atyrau- the land of music and song”.


Roads closed for repairs in Atyrau on October 7

On October 7 in Atyrau the following roads will be closed for repairs:


October 3

Master class from Tim Miller, TCO General Director (+update)

During the youth forum “KazEnergy - leadership and innovations” that was held within the 11th Forum of interregional cooperation of Kazakhstan and Russia, TCO General Director Tim Miller conducted a master-class for the students and young oil-industry specialists.


Atyrau will celebrate the Day of the City on October 4

On October 4, at 10 o'clock in font of the sport center in Balykshi village the concert and national games tournament (Kazakh wrestle, asyk games (asyk- sheep knuckle bones), archery, mini-soccer) will be organized.

The residents of Nursaya district will enjoy the concert that starts at 10:00 in front of “Ataba” supermarket.


October 1

Ethnic Village Set up in Atyrau for Forum (photos)

An ethnic Kazakh village was set up at the square in front of the regional governor's building on the eve of the 11th Cooperation Forum of Russia and Kazakhstan on September 29 and 30.


The Forum: Meeting in a new palace (+update)

On September 30 in the evening the Forum of interregional cooperation concluded its work. The short plenary session on the subject ““Innovative technologies for oil and gas sector” was held within the framework of the protocol.


Day two of the Forum: with Nazarbayev and Putin

On September 30, at the second day of the 11th Forum of interregional cooperation of Kazakhstan and Russia, the short program was provided to the journalists by the RoK Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The delegations from Kazakhstan and Russian Federation were scheduled to arrive at 12.00 noon to the Forum. 


September 26

Roads are closed for repairs in Atyrau on September 26

On September 26 the following streets are closed for traffic in Atyrau due to road resurfacing:


September 25

Karate Master Classes from British Linda Sensei

The only woman in the world that holds the 7th dan rank in godzyu-ryu karate arrived to Atyrau to give master classes in this type of martial arts.





Quote of the week

Nurlan Balgimbayev, CEO of KMG Management for Facilities Under Construction LLP, former prime minister:

- Top managers of local oil and gas companies ignored today's meeting, despite having been invited six weeks ago. Minister of Labor, it is, probably, necessary to stir them up to bring them to senses.

(said during a meeting at APEC Petrotechnic in the presence of Deputy Prime Minister)


Doctors saved a worker from Kashagan D island after severe “poisoning with products of combustion of oil products”. Although the patient had every sign of hydrogen sulfide impact, they had no authority and opportunity to issue an exact diagnosis due to absence of a chemical-toxicological laboratory at the regional hospital. Did you ever experience symptoms of poisoning after night emissions from plants located in Atyrau?
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