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October 1

Ethnic Village Set up in Atyrau for Forum (photos)

An ethnic Kazakh village was set up at the square in front of the regional governor's building on the eve of the 11th Cooperation Forum of Russia and Kazakhstan on September 29 and 30.

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The Forum: Meeting in a new palace (+update)

On September 30 in the evening the Forum of interregional cooperation concluded its work. The short plenary session on the subject ““Innovative technologies for oil and gas sector” was held within the framework of the protocol.

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Day two of the Forum: with Nazarbayev and Putin

On September 30, at the second day of the 11th Forum of interregional cooperation of Kazakhstan and Russia, the short program was provided to the journalists by the RoK Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The delegations from Kazakhstan and Russian Federation were scheduled to arrive at 12.00 noon to the Forum. 

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September 26

Roads are closed for repairs in Atyrau on September 26

On September 26 the following streets are closed for traffic in Atyrau due to road resurfacing:

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September 25

Karate Master Classes from British Linda Sensei

The only woman in the world that holds the 7th dan rank in godzyu-ryu karate arrived to Atyrau to give master classes in this type of martial arts.

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September 24

NCOC presented state-of art tomograph to children

Atyrau regional children's hospital received a 500 million tenge worth multispiral computer tomograph (made in the USA) from NCOC as a sponsorship.

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Road repairs on September 24 in Atyrau

On Sept 24 in Atyrau the following roads are closed for traffic due to ongoing repairs:

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September 23

AI-92 petrol still lacks on Atyrau market

The situation with fuel supply in our region remains tense.   In the last three days AI-92 petrol was not available at many gas stations of our city.   There was also a shortage of AI-95, so some frustrated drivers were forced to buy AI-98. 

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September 22

NCOC and NCPOC handed over to city new children's hospital and AIDS center

On September 18, NCOC and NCPOC handed over to the authorities of Atyrau Oblast two new facilities -  the Regional children's hospital designed for 110 beds and the Center for prevention and fight against AIDS.

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Roads are closed for repairs in Atyrau

On Sept 22, due to road repairs the traffic will be restricted on the section of Makhambet Street:

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September 19

Ex-Governor’s Case. Arguments’ hearings will start on October 1

Case hearings of “Ex-Governor Bergey Ryskaliev's Organized criminal group” are over. On Tuesday, September 16, the court announced a break to prepare for arguments’ hearings.

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Roads closed for repairs on Sept 19

Sept 19, the road traffic will be closed on the following section of Makhambet Street in Atyrau:

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September 18

English speaking operator trained in 10 months

“Kasipker” Holding" jointly with KazMunaiGas National Oil Company presented the program of the 10-month course “Receiving basic education in a trade”. The training will take place at APEC Petrotechnic interregional center for training and retraining of oil and gas industry workforce.  

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I want to ride my bike, but where?

The restrictive measures introduced this summer for movement of cyclists, sparked public outcry. Bitter disputes are still runung.

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September 17

Roads closed for repairs in Atyrau on Sept 17

Sept 17, due to road repairs the following streets will be closed for traffic:

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September 16

Bakeries prepare for gas cutting-off

In order to avoid bread deficit during gas cutting-off, the local Mayor’s office thought of the way out of the situation.

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September 15

New Kashagan operator will make on-the-spot decisions (+NCOC Statement)

“North Caspian Joint Venture” (NCJV) that will replace the current NCOC company (“North Caspian Operating Company”) becomes the new operator of the Kashagan North Caspian project.


September 13

Oil price is going down, the game continues

On Monday, September 9, the price of Brent oil dropped below 100 dollar mark per barrel. This news amid recent fuel price increase, petrol crises  (probably, artificially supported by traders) and anticipation of yet another fuel price increase, raises a question. Why is petrol price going up in our country, if the price of barrel of oil is going down?


September 11

Almaty to host 22nd Kazakhstan international exhibition and conference “Oil and Gas - KIOGE 2014”

From September 30 till October 3 the southern capital of Kazakhstan – Almaty will host the 22nd Kazakhstan international exhibition and conference “Oil and Gas - KIOGE 2014”, reports.


September 2

August 26

Kashagan pipe going all to pieces

Since the pipeline incident and stoppage of crude production, no news on Kashagan and Karabatan came. Our journalistic inquiries addressed to the NCOC media service still remain unanswered. Informal sources only told us repair works at two wells at A and D islands have recently been completed. 


August 25

Atyrau free of Ebola for now

At a meeting of the Atyrau consumer rights department with reps of international companies was announced that no people have been diagnosed with Ebola disease in Atyrau oblast for the moment. 


August 15

Atyrau agro-industrial complex provided 9,900 workplaces since Jan

"9,900 new workplaces have been created in the agro-industrial complex of the Atyrau region since the beginning of the year," governor of the region Baktykozha Izmukhambetov told at the core group meeting, refers to kazinform.


British citizen died in Tengiz

Andrew Robinson, 49, citizen of Great Britain is found dead in his camp room in Tengiz.


August 12

NCOC office will move from Astana to Atyrau

By the end of the year the office of the North Caspian project operator - NCOC has scheduled to move from Astana to Atyrau.

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August 8

Light airplane crash-landed in the Caspian Sea

Light airplane flying from Russian city of Samara to Iran made a crash-landing in the Caspian Sea, azh. kz reports.


August 7

Roads closed for repairs in Atyrau on August 7

On August 7, the traffic movement on the following streets in Atyrau will be restricted due to rod repairs:


August 6

Roads closed for repairs in Atyrau on August 6

On August 6, traffic movement in Atyrau will be restricted on the following streets due to road repairs :


August 5

Kazakhstan to modernize sturgeon farms

"Kazakhstan plans to upgrade the Atyrau and Ural-Atyrau sturgeon farms bringing the number of young fishes from annual 7 mln to 12 mln," deputy head of the Fishery Committee Khairbek Mussabayev told a seminar, reports.


August 4

Atyrau sponsored the pilgrim runner

The assistance of Atyrau sponsors made it possible for marathoner Dulat Imankazhy to continue his hajj (pilgrimage) to Mecca. The people in Astana who promised to help him, didn’t send him money. The money for D. Imankazhy’s pilgrimage was collected in our city.


Italian top manager released from prison

Italian Flavio Sidagni  sentenced in 2010 to 6 years of imprisonment for drug-related deals, was released from prison on August 1. The specialized inter-district court on criminal cases of Atyrau Oblast satisfied his petition for conditional early relief. 


Road repairs in Atyrau on August 4

On August 4, due to road repairs the traffic movement on the following street will be restricted: on Makhambet Street the road section from Philharmonic Concert Hall till intersection with Azattyk Avenue.


July 31

KMG EP paid 2 billion tenge for environmental damage

KMG EP paid nearly 2bn tenge for environmental damage.


Roads closed for repairs on July 31 in Atyrau

On July 31, due to road repairs the following streets will be closed for traffic:


July 30

Roads closed for repairs on July 30 in Atyrau

On July 30, due to road repairs the traffic will be closed:





Quote of the week

Nursultan Nazarbayev, Kazakhstan President:

- Please keep in mind that this building was built by Izmukhambetov, the Governor of Atyrau Oblast, in 8 months. Well, it (building) will stay and serve for the benefit of Atyrau.

(said half in jest during passing a baton of forum holding to the president of Bashkortostan)


This year Atyrau is hosting the 11th Forum of Russia-Kazakhstan Interregional Cooperation Forum attended by presidents of the two countries. On the occasion, the city has been cleaned up, roads repaired and fuel is available at every gas station. Do you think it will continue this way after the forum ends?
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