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January 23

Replacement of equipment at Kashagan will cost 100 million dollars

Ak Zhaik newspaper has learnt about the cost of the new compressors that NCOC is planning to install at the off-shore and on-shore oil and gas processing units (Bolashak processing plant) instead of old ones. Therefore, the version that one of the reasons for pipelines failure was an insufficient drying of gas at the on-shore unit was confirmed.

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”One of the pupils dispersed a gas spray bottle” (+update)

As the result of dispersion by one of the pupils of a gas spray aerosol bottle on the 1st floor cloakroom of the school located in Zhoumysker village near Atyrau, 21 senior grade pupils and one employee were hospitalized with symptoms of aerosol poisoning.

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January 22

Mass poisoning of children by unknown substance took place in Atyrau (+official information for mass media)

On January 22,at 13:18 the central dispatcher point of the regional Emergency Situations Department received an alarming call about mass poisoning of schoolchildren with unknown substance in airat the IssataiTaimanovsecondary school located at Zhoumyskersuburban village.

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January 20

Production of chemicals for oil industry planned to start in Atyrau

The Bashkir specialists intend to run the production of chemicals for the oil and gas industries in Atyrau, the Governor’s office of the region reported.

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Ex-Governor’s Case. Appeals hearings will start on February 2

The appeal board of Atyrau regional court will start the hearings of all appeals submitted by the defendants that do not accept the court verdict on the criminal case of “Bergei Ryskaliev's organized criminal group”on February 2.

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January 18

Six people died in road accident on Kulsary-Atyrau highway (+update)

On Saturday, January 17, at 18.30 a road accident took place on Kulsary-Atyrau highway. As the result of road accident six people died on the spot.

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January 19

Orthodox Christians celebrate Epiphany

On January 19, Orthodox Christians celebrate one of the 12 main holy days – Epiphany or Holy Manifestation of the Saviour Christ.

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January 16

Bonnatti should restore polluted environment and bring it to its previous state - Kuanov

Ak Zhaik newspaper learnt about the details of diesel fuel spill allowed by Bonatti S.p.A. two years ago at Bolashak plant of the North Caspian project.

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Oil on tap

On Jan 16, the police forces of Makhambet District Department of Internal Affairs found a major oil spill on the border of Atyrau, on the 81st kilometer of the oil pipeline of the Martyshy oil field.

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Board of Directors of KazMunayGas EP changes

KazMunayGas Exploration Production JSC (KMG EP) informed about the changes in its Management Board.

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January 14

Passenger bus hits two women to death

Today, January 14, at 8:15 AM a passenger bus hit to death two women aged 61 and 62 in Atyrau.

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January 13

Embamunaigas General Director appointed

Kurmangazy Iskaziev was appointed new General Director of Embamunaigas JSC. K. Iskaziev earlier worked as the chief geologist of National Oil Company KazMunaiGas.

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Chairman of Atyrau city court appointed

By the decree of the President of Kazakhstan Almat Ermanov has been appointed the chairman of Atyrau city court.

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January 12

Atyrau Refinery won the case in court against the department of ecology

Atyrau Refinery refused to pay the ecological fine instructed by the regional department of ecology in 2014 amounting to 24 billion tenge and won the environmental case in court.

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January 9

Madi Takiev appointed the head of state revenue department

By the order of the RoK Ministry of Finance Madi Takiev was appointed the head of state revenue department of Atyrau Oblast. M. Takiev previously worked in the administrative office of the RoK Prime Minister.

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January 8

Storm warning in Atyrau Oblast: January 7-9

The Emergency Situations Department of Atyrau Oblast announced about sharp deterioration of weather conditions. According to information provided by ESD press service with reference to Kazhydromet, in Atyrau and Atyrau districts on January 7-9 snow, blizzard and 15-20 m/s northwest wind are expected.


January 6

Kashagan: the matter is not in pipes only? (+update)

According to PSA (Production Sharing Agreement) Kazakhstan will not refund NCOC’s expenses for renewal of production at Kashagan. According to preliminary estimates, the cost of pipelines replacement will make about $3 billion. But it seems that the matter is not only in pipes.


January 5

Wishing you happiness under the morning star

“One more aul (Kazakh village) disappeared from the face of the earth. Abandoned human settlements are pitiful sights”, – I thought when I arrived to the small settlement called Obaly, where once lived my old acquaintance Bibigul with her big, close-knit family. She had four daughters and two sons and I brought to them New Year gifts in the form of food items and other handy stuff that I purchased with the money collected by my colleague journalists from AkZhaik newspaper.


December 29

Traditional New Year food fairs

On the New year’s eve on December 30 and 31, and also on January 3 and 4 food fairs will take place at “Mounaishi” stadium.

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December 27

News Review 2014: AkZhaik’ biggest stories of the year (New year nominations)

Family of the year

A couple from Esbol village in Inder – Asylbek Khassanov and Kaly Gumarova after their biological children grew up, got married and left the family decided to adopt 2 kids from the orphanage (they are on a photo with Kaly Gumarova). Now little Batima hugs her Mom and 9th grade Erasyl helps the parents to run the farm.  Good luck!


December 25

Atyrau Dina Nurpeissova's orchestra won the hearts of Parisians

The Atyrau Academic orchestra of national instruments named after Dina Nurpeissova returned from France, where it gave three concerts within the framework of the Cultural Days of Kazakhstan in France.


December 24

Evening with Onerbek Zhanbala: Kazakh Cultural Event!

On December 24, at 7pm (admittance is free) in Drama Theater named after Makhambet Utemisov “Eventing with Onerbek Zhanbala” – a Kazakh cultural event  “Ak Zhaik aktanger”will take place.


Merry Christmas, Our Readers!

AkZhaik newspaper wishes all of its readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


December 23

"Saipem" and "Bonatti" will work on pipeline replacement?

At the recent NCOC public hearings re. replacement of pipelines at Kashagan (see "Kashagan: new expectations, old concerns") NCOC managing director Stephan de Mayo didn't name the companies that will participate in this project.


Crude to Pavlodar via Samara

KazTransOil employees’ meeting with the first RoK Vice-Minister of Energy Uzakbai Karabalin and the RoK Deputy Minister of Justice Bakytzhan Abdiraim took place in the Western branch office of KazTransOil.


December 22

Police car hit a pedestrian, but road police denies the fact

The visitors of our website sent us the video of the road accident which took place in Atyrau, near the railway station (see the video). The quality of the record is not very good. The fact that the girl was hit by the traffic police car could only be guessed though the conversations in the crowd of witnesses of the accident and people’s remarks.


Atyrau and Houston to sign twinning arrangements

Atyrau and Houston will become twin cities, the regional akimat's press service said.


December 19

Atyrau lit Christmas lights

On December 18 at the central square named after Issatai and Makhambet Atyrau city Mayor Nurlybek Ozhaev lit the lights on the main Christmas-tree in the city, thereby, giving the start for the decorations of the city centre for New Year celebrations.


December 18

Mongrel Masha with the rope on its neck now rescued

Children from the society "Help to Homeless Animals of Atyrau" and simply compassionate citizens of our city, at last, managed to catch an unfortunate mongrel with the rope on its neck near the "Sanatorium" city district.


Kazakh Government and North Caspian Consortium signed confidential agreement

On Saturday, December 13, the Kazakh Government had a meeting with Kashagan project operator - NCOC, as well as with the companies participating in NCPSA venture, where the parties signed a certain agreement.


December 11

Kashagan: new expectations, old concerns

Public  hearings on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the “Construction project of facilities for Kashagan field experimental program. Flowlines. Modifications” were held in Atyrau.


December 10

North Caspian project to have one joint company

Yesterday, December 9, at the public hearings, NCOC Consortium Managing director Stephen de Mayo made an official statement about the transition of the Consortium to the new management system.


December 8

Put on winter tires before January 1

It is the middle of December already, but very few people know that as of January 1, 2015 the traffic police will fine those who hasn’t “put on winter tires”.


December 7

Prosecutors challenge“soft sentencing”

Public prosecutors filed a protest appeal on November 14 against the sentence passed by the specialized interdistrict court on criminal cases regarding the case of Bergey Ryskaliev's organized criminal group. Prosecutors consider that the sentence is “illegal” in some parts and demand to toughen the punishment.


December 5

When the last sturgeon will be caught…

Retired veteran of fish industry Vera Dzhamalova (on a photo) currently lives in Astana, but once or twice a year she comes to Atyrau, the city where she was born and worked all her life in the fishing industry.





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Orthodox Archbishop Antoniy of Uralsk:

- Baptism is a feast of good health, peace, concord, love, execution of laws and submission to the president. To God and the president! 

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