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September 16

Bakeries prepare for gas cutting-off

In order to avoid bread deficit during gas cutting-off, the local Mayor’s office thought of the way out of the situation.

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September 15

New Kashagan operator will make on-the-spot decisions (+NCOC Statement)

“North Caspian Joint Venture” (NCJV) that will replace the current NCOC company (“North Caspian Operating Company”) becomes the new operator of the Kashagan North Caspian project.

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September 13

Oil price is going down, the game continues

On Monday, September 9, the price of Brent oil dropped below 100 dollar mark per barrel. This news amid recent fuel price increase, petrol crises  (probably, artificially supported by traders) and anticipation of yet another fuel price increase, raises a question. Why is petrol price going up in our country, if the price of barrel of oil is going down?

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September 11

Almaty to host 22nd Kazakhstan international exhibition and conference “Oil and Gas - KIOGE 2014”

From September 30 till October 3 the southern capital of Kazakhstan – Almaty will host the 22nd Kazakhstan international exhibition and conference “Oil and Gas - KIOGE 2014”, reports.

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September 2

August 26

Kashagan pipe going all to pieces

Since the pipeline incident and stoppage of crude production, no news on Kashagan and Karabatan came. Our journalistic inquiries addressed to the NCOC media service still remain unanswered. Informal sources only told us repair works at two wells at A and D islands have recently been completed. 


August 25

Atyrau free of Ebola for now

At a meeting of the Atyrau consumer rights department with reps of international companies was announced that no people have been diagnosed with Ebola disease in Atyrau oblast for the moment. 


August 15

Atyrau agro-industrial complex provided 9,900 workplaces since Jan

"9,900 new workplaces have been created in the agro-industrial complex of the Atyrau region since the beginning of the year," governor of the region Baktykozha Izmukhambetov told at the core group meeting, refers to kazinform.


British citizen died in Tengiz

Andrew Robinson, 49, citizen of Great Britain is found dead in his camp room in Tengiz.


August 12

NCOC office will move from Astana to Atyrau

By the end of the year the office of the North Caspian project operator - NCOC has scheduled to move from Astana to Atyrau.

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August 8

Light airplane crash-landed in the Caspian Sea

Light airplane flying from Russian city of Samara to Iran made a crash-landing in the Caspian Sea, azh. kz reports.


August 7

Roads closed for repairs in Atyrau on August 7

On August 7, the traffic movement on the following streets in Atyrau will be restricted due to rod repairs:


August 6

Roads closed for repairs in Atyrau on August 6

On August 6, traffic movement in Atyrau will be restricted on the following streets due to road repairs :


August 5

Kazakhstan to modernize sturgeon farms

"Kazakhstan plans to upgrade the Atyrau and Ural-Atyrau sturgeon farms bringing the number of young fishes from annual 7 mln to 12 mln," deputy head of the Fishery Committee Khairbek Mussabayev told a seminar, reports.


August 4

Atyrau sponsored the pilgrim runner

The assistance of Atyrau sponsors made it possible for marathoner Dulat Imankazhy to continue his hajj (pilgrimage) to Mecca. The people in Astana who promised to help him, didn’t send him money. The money for D. Imankazhy’s pilgrimage was collected in our city.


Italian top manager released from prison

Italian Flavio Sidagni  sentenced in 2010 to 6 years of imprisonment for drug-related deals, was released from prison on August 1. The specialized inter-district court on criminal cases of Atyrau Oblast satisfied his petition for conditional early relief. 


Road repairs in Atyrau on August 4

On August 4, due to road repairs the traffic movement on the following street will be restricted: on Makhambet Street the road section from Philharmonic Concert Hall till intersection with Azattyk Avenue.


July 31

KMG EP paid 2 billion tenge for environmental damage

KMG EP paid nearly 2bn tenge for environmental damage.


Roads closed for repairs on July 31 in Atyrau

On July 31, due to road repairs the following streets will be closed for traffic:


July 30

Roads closed for repairs on July 30 in Atyrau

On July 30, due to road repairs the traffic will be closed:


July 29

Plane takeoff was interrupted at Atyrau airport

On July 28, at 19:12hrs BekAir airlines’ Fokker100 takeoff was interrupted at Atyrau airport. The plane was bound for Almaty.


July 28

Roads closed for repairs on July 28

On July 28, the following streets will be closed for traffic due to road repairs:


July 25

Atyrau region police officers rescued newborn thrown into toilet

A newborn child was found live in Sagiz district of Atyrau region in a street toilet, the head of the press service of Atyrau region DIA Gulnazira Mukhtarova said, reports.


July 24

It’s not the city that makes the Mayor, but the Mayor who makes the city

It is interesting to observe how the look of our city changes every time the regional governor or the city mayor is changed. And good old proverb “tastes differ” could be applied here.


Bilateral discussions about disappearing Ural River

A joint meeting of the Kazakhstan-Russian commission on protection of cross-border water facilities was held in Atyrau. The commission reviewed the issue of the shallowing Ural River.


July 23

In anticipation of billions in environmental fines-2

On July 23, the cassation board of Atyrau regional court after review, dismissed the appeal filed by NCOC and Agip KCO about recognizing the instruction issued by the Department of Ecology as illegal. The instruction was about the payment of ecological damage in the amount of 134,2bn tenge.


Today Muslims celebrate Kadyr Tuni - Night of the Holy Quran Revelation

To-night, from 23d to 24th July, Muslims in Kazakhstan and throughout the world will meet Kadyr Tuni - the 27th holy night of the month of Ramadan, which stands for the Night of the Holy Quran Revelation. This night is told to be around the last ten days on Ramadan. This night is believed to be the one on which Muhammad first received the revelation of the Holy Quran.


Roads are closed for repairs on July 23

On July 23, due to road repairs the movement of traffic on the following streets will be restricted:


Atyrau-Zharyk power supply company denies allegations about large-scale bribe giving

Earlier we reported that on July 1, 2014, RoK Financial Police officers detained the chairman of Kazakhstan Agency for Regulation of Natural Monopolies Murat Ospanov in Astana over suspicion in $300US bribe taking for lobbing the interests of a certain “monopoly entity”. Yesterday it became clear that “monopoly entity” is Atyrau Zharyk company (supplier of electricity).


July 22

Roads closed for repairs

On July 22, the traffic movement on the following streets will be restricted due to repair works:


July 21

Roads closed for repairs on July 21

On July 21 due to road repairs the movement of traffic along the section of the road on Makhambet Street (from Azattyk Avenue till Nasikha/Rakhat market) will be restricted on even-numbered lanes. 


July 18

On board of crashed Boeing -777 was Kashagan employee - Malaysian citizen with his family

On board of ill-fated Flight MH17 there was an entire family (with 4 children) from Malaysia - who were on their way back from Atyrau, Kazakhstan transiting via Amsterdam and further to their home- Kuala Lumpur. The head of the family was NCOC employee who worked at North Caspian Project. 


4-y.o. girl hit her head against tiled floor in supermarket and died

On July 15, in Zhumysker village as the result of an accident 4-y.o. girl died in the supermarket.


Owner hit to death by his bull

A man died in a rare bull attack fatality in the village of Akkistau, Issatai District, Atyrau Oblast.


Roads closed for repairs on July 18

On July 18, in Atyrau due to road repairs the following streets will be closed for traffic:





Quote of the week

Murat Zhoumataev, the Veteran of the Ministry of Emergency Situations (Almaty):

-  Well, if we now transfer all supervision to commercial organizations, there will be an unconceivable mess!  Those who dealt with independent experts, they know: for money they will knock off any paper you want.

(said in the interview to Vremya newspaper about supervision in construction)


The government intends to transfer the functions of the state construction acceptance inspections to independent experts as of July, 2015. Is this a correct decision?
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