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July 3

​Mother & daughters

KazMunaiGas Oil Company (KMG) intends to sell 50 % of shares to NWF Samruk-Kazyna (KMG is the subsidiary of Samruk-Kazyna) in Kashagan project nearly for $4,7 billion.

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July 1

Three men in a boat or two versions of shoot-out on the riverside

On June 26 there was a clash between the residents of Besikty village and employees of fisheries inspection. Firearms have been brought out and three criminal cases have been initiated.

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June 30

​Temperature hits 54 degrees Celsius in Atyrau

Abnormally hot weather has been tormenting Atyrau for two weeks already.

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​Coach from Czech Republic to head Atyrau “Beibarys” hockey club

Head coach of the regional “Beibarys" ice-hockey team Alexander Istomin has left his position at his own will, HC “Beibarys" press service informed.

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June 29

Three people drowned in one day

On June 28, three people drowned in one day in the rivers in our region.

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June 25

​Extreme heat to persist in Atyrau into next week

Extreme heat to persist in Kazakhstan into next week.

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June 24

TCO Projects: ​Train won't go any further

Railroad workforce engaged in TCO projects is downsized.

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June 22

​Ill-fated week of Englishman in Atyrau

Specialized administrative court of Atyrau fined the citizen of Great Britain Coy Gavin Paul who was illegally working at the Kashagan project.

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​Ex-Mayor of Atyrau Askar Kerimov: ”I saw the city for the first time in three years”

On June 18, the appeal regional court conditionally ahead of schedule released ex-Mayor of Atyrau Askar Kerimov, who was charged within the criminal case of ex-governor Bergey Ryskaliev's organized criminal group.

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June 19

Crude oil spill stretching over a hectare discovered in steppe

During the raid organized by the nature protection prosecutor's office on the territory of Makat Distrct, the team discovered oil spill along the railroad located between Karabatan station and Taskesken double track station.

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​Abnormal heat in Atyrau during week-end

Abnormal heat with air temperature 5-10 degrees C higher than normal values has been established in the majority of regions in Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan's national forecaster Kazhydromet informs.

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​Scientific Center will be opened at Atyrau Institute of Oil and Gas

International Caspian Research Center will be opened at Atyrau Institute of Oil and Gas. This was informed by the President of the institute Ali Abishev (on a photo).

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June 17

Buried warrior of Oguz period uncovered in Atyrau

A buried warrior of Oguz period was uncovered in Terekty area of Atyrau region.


​Fire at local landfill

On June 17, at 7:00am fire broke out at a city landfill in Atyrau.


June 16

Kashagan: ​And now the weather

We published several articles about incredibly favorable attitude of the consortium towards its foreign contractors working at Kashagan project and who, despite serious failures in their activities, again and again become bid winners.

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​Timur Bekmambetov - Director of BEN-HUR's remake visited his home town Atyrau

Famous director and producer who was born in Atyrau and graduated from school named after Kirov, once left to study at the university and later became famous outside of Kazakhstan. Occasionally he returns to his small homeland to visit his numerous relatives and to honor the memory of his mother who is buried here. He also visited the office of “Atyrau Zharyk" (local power company) where his father worked for many years. Power engineering specialists established a memorial board in memory of his father - Nuruakhit Bekmambetov and showed it to his famous son.


June 15

​June 18 - the first day of Holy Ramadan

The first day of Ramadan this year will be on Thursday, June 18, according to the Abu Dhabi-based International Centre for Astronomy.


​Former head of EXPO 2017 Ermegiyaev is under house arrest

On June 12, #2 Almaty District Court of Astana ruled to put former head of the Astana EXPO-2017 Talgat Ermegiyaev under house arrest for 2 months.


June 12

​Atyrau beaches like in Antalya?

On June 20, in Atyrau the beach season will be officially opened. We've learnt that two beaches in the city – one near sports center FOK and another one in Zhilgorodok are not only ready to receive the first vacationers, but also are going to pleasantly surprise them.


June 11

About traffic movement restriction on week-end

During the week-end, on June 13 and 14, traffic movement on one of the lanes of Atyrau-Geolog highway under the railway bridge in Privokzalny district will be limited.


June 9

​Accident at Kashagan (+Information provided by Emergency Department of Atyrau Oblast)

On the night of June 9, at offshore Kashagan field motor boat collided with berthing barge.


Hydrogen sulfide footprints lead to Rotten valley

"Ak Zhaik" newspaper has learnt about the results of the “Complex research of impact of Atyura Refinery and other production facilities (located within the city bopundaries) on the condition of environment and health of Atyrau population" for 2014.


June 8

​Father of Boston bomber's friend: “Our lawyers will appeal the sentence”

The sentence has been imposed against the citizen of Atyrau Azamat Tazhayakov. The U.S. jury found the 21-year-old Dartmouth university student guilty of obstructing the investigation of the Boston terrorist attack sentenced to imprison him for 3,5 years.


​Monument to Afghan War Soldiers unveiled in Atyrau

In Atyrau after 26 years of Soviet troops withdrawal from Afghanistran monument was unveiled to Afghan war soldiers.


June 4

​Saltanat Akhmetova - Opera Singing Sensation

Saltanat Akhmetova, the soloist of “Astana Opera", became the sensation after her victory in “Big Opera" Russian television project where among the members of the jury was Elena Obraztsova herself.


June 2

​Lightning set fire to house in Atyrau

Early in the morning on June 1, the residents of Atyrau were woken up by powerful peals of thunder. The lightning fell onto one of the houses located on street #6 in Samal microregion. Nobody suffered, but the roof and the second floor of the newly constructed cottage burned down.


June 1

5-storey hostel entrance collapsed in Atyrau

Three floors of a 5-storey family type dormitory collapsed in Atyrau. No casualties were reported. The building collapsed half an hour later after residents were evacuated from the building. The reason for evacuation was a crack in the wall.


​Street full of surprises

This video was shot and sent to our editor's office by our reader. This is how last weekend the boutique located on Makhambet Street in Atyrau advertized its lingerie. The action, undoubtedly, drew attention of our citizens, especially men, though the target customers of lingerie were, supposedly, women.


International Children's Day - 1 June

The World Conference for the Well-being of Children in Geneva, Switzerland, proclaimed June 1 to be International Children's Day in 1925. It is usually marked with speeches on children's rights and wellbeing, and other events involving or dedicated to children.


May 25

Work permit official arrested taking bribe in Atyrau

Officers of Atyrau Branch Kazakhstan Agency for Public Service and Countering Corruption arrested an employment and social programs coordination official "on suspicion of bribetaking".

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May 22

​Atyrau learns from Houston

For studying the experience of economy diversification the delegation from Atyrau headed by Mayor Nurlybek Ozhaev visited Houston - "the oil capital" of the USA.


​Fish swam into canal to die

Mass fish death registered in At Otkel canal located in Kurmangazy District. The reason of death is the same as it was with recent mass fish death at Shmanozek channel located on the territory of Ak Zhaik wildlife reserve - lack of oxygen.


May 21

Kazakhstan Temir Zholy, ​Sberbank Russia implement joint projects to expand Atyrau port

Kazakhstan railway company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy and the Russian Sberbank inked deal on implementing joint project for expansion of Atyrau river port, said German Gref, Chairman of Sberbank, at the Astana Economic Forum informs


​Child drowns after falling into uncovered manhole in Atyrau

6-year-old boy accidentally drowned in the manhole in Atyrau on May 20, Wednesday evening.





Quote of the week

Matteo Renzi, Prime minister of the Republic of Italy:

- Now our relations with Kazakhstan became even closer.

(Joke over the fact that he and N. Nazarbayev got stuck in elevator during EXPO-2015 in Milan)

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Abnormal hot weather remains from the middle of June. According to weather forecasters, air temperature in the city is 42 degrees C at max. Meanwhile household thermometers behind windows show more than 50 degrees C. Do you trust the official weather forecasts?
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