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April 24

​Humanitarian aid from Atyrau

On April 24, Atyrau sent the second lot of humanitarian aid to flood victims of Karaganda oblast.

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April 22

​Storm warning

On the night of April 23, in Atyrau Oblast freezings down to - 3 degrees are expected.

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​Bus driver who run over 2 women given 5 years conditional sentence

The court reviewing the case of the bus driver who on January 14 hit two women at the crosswalk on Satpaev Avenue (see "In Atyrau bus hit two women to death") issued a final statement.

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April 21

​Drilling operations in Tengiz will be carried out by “KMG Nabors Drilling Company” LLP

Drilling operations in Tengiz will be carried out by “KMG Nabors Drilling Company" LLP, the documents about establishment of this company were signed on Tuesday in Astana between KMG Drilling & Services LLP (subsidiary of KazMunayGas National Company) and "Nabors Drilling International Ltd" (the world leader in oil and gas drilling), KMG press service reports.

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​KazMunaiGaz and Nabors Drilling International Ltd establish joint drilling company

The documents on establishment of a joint company were signed by "KazMunaiGaz Drilling & Service" LLP and world leader in the sphere of oil and gas drilling Nabors Drilling International Ltd.

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April 20

​Shooting and murder in Kulsary (+update)

On April 16, in Kulsary 18-y.o. local man was shot to death.

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April 19

Atyrau collecting aid in humanitarian campaign for flood victims of Karaganda region

In Atyrau people started to collect humanitarian aid for the victims of flood in Karaganda Oblast.

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April 17

​Why did pelicans die?

In the estuary of the Kigach River in Kurmangazy District of Atyrau Oblast the North Caspian Operating company found 70 dead birds of rare Dalmatian pelicans.

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April 16

​Young scientist's success

Grammar-school boy from Atyrau Ersultan Nabidolla (on a photo) took a prize at the international competition of scientific projects in the Republic of Korea.

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April 15

​Singapore businessmen invited to be part of modernization at Tengiz

Singapore businessmen are invited to take part in modernization of the existing technological complex at the Tengiz deposit.

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​Superlaboratory for oil industry workers

On April 13, the opening ceremony of the first in Kazakhstan geochemical laboratory complex of international level took place in the village of Birlik. The laboratory - the joint innovative project of Shell and KazMunayGas was built on the basis of Scientific Research Institute Caspimunaygaz LLP.

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​“Center cut” Tengiz and our friends in Hague

The 9th Atyrau regional oil and gas technological conference - OILTECH Atyrau 2015- started its work on April 14.

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April 13

​"The man died at work and they hid it"

Akmadi Sarbasov, the Chairman of labour, social protection and migration committee under the Ministry of health and social development, the chief state labur inspector paid visit to Atyrau.

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​One cow is mad for sure

In the Afanasyev village of Kurmangazy District one cow was diagnosed with mad cow disease and due to this fact quarantine restrictions will be enforced in the region.

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April 10

​Fresh fish for sale

On April 10, fish sale season in pavilions on water has been opened.


April 9

​Calf rescue operation

The inhabitants of Erkinkala village in Atyrau Oblast sent to AkZhaik a series of photographs that they called "calf rescue operation".


​Atyrau and Marseilles became twin cities

Kazakhstan's Atyrau and French Marseilles became sister cities.


Ministry of Energy broke the law

In the publication "Rushing at Kashagan barged into the Law" it was reported that Managing Director of NCOC Stephane de Mahieu addressed the RoK Minister of Energy Vladimir Shkolnik with request to assist in introduction of changes to Aticles 257 and 258 of Environmental Code that forbid the construction activities on the Caspian Sea during the period from April 1 to July 15.


April 8

​Tied by oil transportation routes

Falling oil prices, as well as sharp deterioration in relations between Russia and the Western countries can reduce profitability of oil and gas industry in Kazakhstan. Kashagan oil with its high prime cost ($100 per barrel) at the times of prolonged oil price drop is not in demand. The completion of Future Growth Project in Tengiz is postponed for nearly two years, and Russia doesn't like the idea of Kazakhstan about construction of its own gas-processing plant in the West Kazakhstan Oblast, operating on raw materials from Karachaganak gas-condensate field.

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​From Damba village with fish

On April 6, during “Bekire-2015" (Sturgeon-2015) operation the water police officers detained the car with 30 kilograms of sturgeon fish on Atyrau – Damba village highway.


April 7

"Sturgeon" net caught antilopa saiga horns

During "Bekire-2015" (Sturgeon-2015) operation police officers detained bag with 75 horns of antilopa saiga.


April 3

Water will be low in Ural River this year

This year water level in the Ural River during flooding season is expected to be low, reported Bisen Kuanov, the head of Ural-Caspian interregional basin inspection of water management.


April 2

New director named in Western branch of KazTransOil

By the decision of the Board of directors Ferdinat Mamonov has been relieved of his duties as the director of the Western branch of KazTransOil "due to transition to other work".

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April 1

Rushing at Kashagan barged into the Law

As it became known to Ak Zhaik newspaper, the North Caspian project operator NCOC tries to secure changes to the RoK Ecological Code. Otherwise the consortium will not meet the announced completion dates of new pipelines construction and renew oil production at Kashagan (in the second half of 2016).


Dutch didn't know about "peculiarities of Atyrau land use" (+comments of the prosecutor's office)

In Atyrau a new "land" scandal is escalating. This time because of illegal allocation of land plots by the former governors of "oil capital" not only local businessmen, but also foreign investors may suffer.


March 31

Storm warning

Emergency department of Atyrau Oblast circulated information about storm warning on March 31.


March 30

Police target prostitutes in raid

During "STOP Traffic" police operative-preventive raid in Atyrau that took place on March 26-28, 19 prostitutes have been kept in a file.


Man who "robbed" himself

Last week 35-y.o. citizen of Atyrau who lives in the 5th micro region of Privokzalny (rail way station) city district filed a petition with the Department of Internal Affairs that he was robbed by unknown persons.


March 27

Toni Turi sang legendary Kazakh song "Balkadisha" at San Remo

The Italian engineer Tony Turi (former Agip employee) about whom we wrote several times in our newspaper ("The Ambassador of the Neapolitan song in Atyrau", etc.) who decided to change his career of the oil engineer to the singing career, started his rising to musical stardom here, in Atyrau, and he stepped onto the international stage with the Kazakh folk song "Balkadisha" that he sang at San Remo.doc last month. Tony participated in a selection round where he sang our "Balkadisha". It would be interesting to track Tony's evolution as a singer ….

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Earth Hour tomorrow

Kazakhstan people including citizens in Atyrau will join the symbolic action of turning lights out for an hour in an expression of concern for the environment. The action will take place in over 6,000 cities across 134 countries in the world in observing the Earth Hour on March 28. People will turn off lights and all electrical appliances for an hour from 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm to show their solidarity to the cause of climate change. 


A Journey Beyond the Seven Seas

As it became known to Ak Zhaik newspaper the large-scale project of Tengizchevroil LLP  -  Wellhead Pressure Management / Future Growth Project (WPM/FGP) -  considerably rose in cost, and the date of implementation was postponed from 2019 to 2021. According to updated estimates and schedule of works, based on the results of front end engineering design the cost of the project increased from  $23,7 billion to $38,8 billion.


March 26

Nurlan Kapparov died

Our sources reported that today, on March 26, the head of national company Kazatomprom Nurlan Kapparov died.


Alternative Nauryz celebration in Saraishyk village

On March 23 the residents of the small Saraishyk village celebrated Nauryz- the Coming of Spring or Kazakh New Year not in a usual way, at the cost of the local budget, but this event could be truly called an "alternative" celebration of Nauryz.





Quote of the week

Mukhtar Tinikeev, Mazhilis Deputy of the Parliament of Kazakhstan:

- Where did these money go? Each bank had their insurance companies, they simply used that money for their insurance affairs. They paid loans, took “the cap" from that money, and now we are saying: "We don't know". Lock them up then.

(said with regards to write-off of 90 billion tenge of pension savings of Kazakhstan citizens)

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According to N. Nazarbayev, the middle class person is the one who "has a sufficient work, a house, a family, a vehicle, and can have a good rest, gives his/her children good education, etc... Such middle class persons should constitute at least 50%, but we have only 25-30% so far". Are you included into this number?
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