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August 21

​Govenor's request-instruction: "Don't play with prices"

"As the head of the region I would request and task you not to play prices", - said Governor Baktykozha Izmukhambetov at today's meeting in regional government administration building addressing the representatives of supermarkets and big shopping centers.

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​Want to hold a peaceful meeting

Activists of "Civil Initiative" movement applied to Atyrau Mayor Nurlybek Ozhaev with the request to hold a peaceful meeting.

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August 18

​"We don't need others poison!" Atyrau against the construction of resistant organic pollutants utilization plant

The plant for utilization of dangerous wastes (pesticides and toxic chemicals) could be built in Atyrau Oblast. At the moment the government is inclined to make such decision. However local authorities are categorically against it.

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​Governor B. Izmukhambetov: "I'll deal with fish trap nets installed at the mouth of the river"

On August 14, Governor of Atyrau Oblast Baktykozha Izmukhambetov reported before the local core group for three years of his work and the first half of 2015.

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​Real price of Kazakhstan oil and whether Kashagan will be re-started - expert's opinion

The pioneer of Amangeldy gas field Marat Mailibaev talks about the real price of Kazakhstan oil, the issues that Kazakhstan would face during the process of reduction of oil prices and whether Kashagan will be re-started.

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August 17

​"The Ural River is turning into a bog"

Laboratory analyses that were ordered by our newspaper showed that the river water doesn't contain any impurities.

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​No polluting substances found in the river

According to preliminary results of laboratory researches a small excess of phenol has been found in water samples on August 10, - informed over the phone the head of Zhaik-Caspian basin inspectorate for regulation of use and protection of water resources Bisen Kuanov.

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August 14

August 12 - the Day of the Caspian Sea, the holiday with tears in the eyes

On August 12, Atyrau celebrated the Day of the Caspian Sea.

The festive event was organized by NCOC - the operator of the North Caspian project and the government administration of Atyrau Oblast. The oil company coincided with this event the presentation of the book "Monitoring of Surrounding Environment of the Northeast Caspian Sea During Development of Oil Fields". It is the collection of scientific articles based on results of ecological researches within the framework of implementation of the North Caspian project during the period from 1993 to 2006. The authors, mainly from Almaty, were invited to the event (see on the photo).


​Project fulfillment on plant construction of poisonous wastes utilization may be relocated from Pavlodar to Atyrau

The project fulfillment on utilization of resistant organic pollutants may be relocated from Pavlodar to Atyrau.


August 12

Take a good look at these faces - photo exhibition

Today, August 12, at 7.00pm in the recreation park at the river embankment located near House of Culture named after Dina Nurpeissova a unique portrait exhibition titled “I am looking for a family" and organized by the local photographer Yerzhan Nurpeissov will take place. Main heroes of his photos are orphans and children who remained without parents' custody.


Female frontier guards in Atyrau sacked over kissing

A trial over two female border guards illegally fired from service started proceedings in Atyrau city court. During the first day of hearings the claimants confirmed that they lost work because of a scandalous video.


August 11

It's not a paint - Nature protection prosecutor about green colour of the River Ural

The abnormal situation on the River Ural where water at its coastal part has a saturated greenish-blue color and oily density, caused concern among the residents. There are various versions - including the version that large volumes of green paint had got into the river.


​Inhabitant of Atyrau region sentenced to 8 years for sexual harassment of 6-y.o old girl

Kurmangazy district court of Atyrau region has sentenced 30-y.o. inhabitant of Kudryashevo village to 8 years of imprisonment for harassment of 6 year old girl.district court reports.


August 10

​Fairytale Wedding of“The Beast and the Beauty” in Atyrau

On August 7, in the village of Mukur located 250 km north-east of Atyrau one of the heroes of our publications who suffers 'progeria' - a very rare genetic disorder, wherein symptoms resembling aspects of aging are manifested at a very early age, celebrated wedding.


August 7

​Four employees suffered thermal burns in Tengiz

On the night of 3 August at Tengiz field 4 employees suffered hot steam burns.


August 6

​Whose trap nets fishery inspection is guarding?

Multiple fishing trap nets are installed on the water territories that are supposed to be under the protection of Atyrau regional territorial inspection of forestry and fauna (i.e. fish conservation agency). After the trip to the Caspian Sea one question is still bothering the mind: from whom they are protecting the sea?


August 5

Atyrau model wins second place at Black Sea Pearl-2015 beauty contest

23-year-old model from Atyrau, a city in western Kazakhstan, Marianna Khadzhamova has hauled the second place at the Black Sea Pearl-2015 beauty contest held in Crimea.


August 3

​Ex- Governor's Case. Dyusenbaev was caught and sentenced to imprisonment

One more person involved in “Bergei Ryskaliyev's organized criminal group" - former director of “ATG Kurylys" LLP Zhanbolat Dyusenbaev was sentenced by the specialized inter-district court on criminal cases of Atyrau Oblast to 10 years of imprisonment in high-security prison with confiscation of property.


​Man found hanged from lamppost in Atyrau, suicide suspected

Suicide is suspected after the body of a young man was found hanged from a lamppost at the river bank in Zhilgorodok district of the city early Monday on August 3, said Gulnazira Mukhtarova, head of Internal Affairs Department press service of Atyrau Oblast.


July 29

​Ex-Governor's Case. Consideration of Cassational Appeals Started

Consideration of cassational appeals of the participants of former Atyrau Oblast Governor Bergey Ryskaliev's criminal community, condemned in criminal case, has started.


​Pedophile sentenced to 17 years

On July 27, specialized inter-district criminal court sentenced pedophile who for three years abused his younger stepsister. He is sentenced to 17 years of imprisonment in maximum security penal colony.


July 27

TCO assisted Atyrau ​Center for Cardiology to purchase state-of-art equipment

Atyrau regional cardiological center made an official presentation of new medical equipment purchased for the funds allocated by Tengizchevroil (TCO).


July 20

​Restaurants were “modest” in tax declarations, what about shopping centres and markets?

As of July 1, the receipt into local budget made 75 billion tenge against the planned 66 billion. Besides, under the republican budget 90,1 billion tenge has been transferred. This was informed by the head of state revenues department of Atyrau Oblast Madi Takiev at the core group meeting held after the opening ceremony of Information Reception and Processing Center.


July 17

​No lay-offs at Kashagan

As it was reported earlier, the process of operational model restructuring at the North Caspian project has been completed.


​Eni and KMG agree to jointly explore Isatay offshore block

KazMunayGas signed the contract for joint exploration and production at Isatay offshore block. The information was posted on Kazakhstan stock exchange website.


July 14

​Man killed by lightning in Atyrau region

On July 11, in the morning during a thunder-storm 40-y.o. resident of Tushchykudyk village in Issatai District was killed by the lightning.


​Bird flu revealed in dead gannet in Atyrau region

The Italian specialists have discovered the bird flu H5 N1 in the dead gannet in Atyrau region.


July 13

KPJV foreign labour work permits withdrawal, repartition of spheres of influence in oil industry and other issues

Interesting developments take place recently around Tengizchevroil's Future Growth Project. Ak Zhaik newspaper learnt about disagreements that arose between Akimat (Governor's office) of Atyrau Oblast and two foreign shareholders of KPJV design company, and one of its domestic shareholders has been sold by the state to the private company.


​One-person picket against water tariff increase

On July 12, on the river embankment under the central bridge between regional and city government buildings one-person picket was organized by Talgat Ayan, the resident of Atyrau. Talgat organized this picket in protest of future increase of tariffs for water that the government promised to launch as of August 1 this year (see “Water bills will jump 50% as of August 1").


July 10

UK citizen fined for no work permit

The specialized administrative court of Atyrau passed the decision concerning Gray Craig David- the citizen of Great Britain, who worked at Kashagan project without permit documents.

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July 9

​Water bills will jump 50% as of August 1

As of August 1, 2015 tap water in Atyrau will rise in price: for the population - for 48,4%, for other consumers - for 67%. This was informed by the regional department on regulation of natural monopolies and protection of the competition.


​We shouldn't depend only on “big three” - Kashagan, Tengiz, Karachaganak

Kazakhstans' KAZENERGY Association uniting more than 70 major players in the oil, gas and energy business issued its information bulletin for June 2015.


July 8

Orchestra to stage concert on the Ural River bank tonight

Tonight, July 8, at 8:00pm the Atyrau folk orchestra named after Dina Nurpeisova will stage a concert on the embankment of the Ural River (on the pier near Sanatoriy).

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July 7

​In Atyrau two people suffered from festive fireworks

Emergency Department of Atyrau Oblast reported that on July 6 in Atyrau at Issatai and Makhambet Square during fireworks dedicated to Astana Day two people suffered from burns.





Quote of the week

Baktykozha IZMUKHAMBETOV, Governor of Atyrau Oblast:

"It may sound immodest, but I am now happy that from the day of my appointment in 2012 I kept raising the issue of food security. We have spent 22 billion tenge on agriculture. And now is the time to collect harvest".

(said at a meeting in the Akimat on holding food prices down)

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