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April 23

Kashagan: pipes not meeting designed requirements

Hearings are ongoing at Atyrau economic court with regards to the appeal filed by NCOC consortium against the instruction of the regional ecology department about payment for damage based on audits carried out after gas pipeline leaks (see “The ecological damage amounting to 134bn tenge”). 

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District police chief arrested

The chief of Issatai District Police Department Altynbek Koubaidullin has been arrested by the regional financial police officers on April 21.

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April 21

Almaty-Atyrau train derailed, over 30 people injured (Photos, video)

On April 19, at about 6:00pm (Astana time) two last cars of a passenger train performing Almaty - Atyrau route derailed in Atyrau Oblast.

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April 18

Suspected with murder of his own mother

29-y.o. resident of Kulsary has been arrested and put into temporary detention facility on suspicion of murder of his 67-y.o mother. The incident took place in her house on the night of April 15.

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April 17

Infectious Poultry

Sanitary examination of poultry imported from Russian and Belarussian producers, i.e. Prioskolye JSC, Maykopsky poultry plant, Kursk Agroholding JSC, Ural Business JSC, Smolevichi Broiler JSC - revealed bacteria causing salmonellosis.

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April 16

Kashagan: Will they come out 'dry' from sea water?

On Thursday, April 17, members of the government and main investors of the North Caspian project will have a meeting where the investors are going to propose a detailed plan of activities till the end of 2014.   This was voiced by Erbolat Dosaev, the RoK Minister of Economy and Budget Planning at the briefing in Astana on Monday. It is interesting to know whether he will also be taken to task for his contractor company at Kashagan? 

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April 15

Anti-Eurasian Union Forum was held in Almaty

Last Saturday “an Anti-Euroasian Forum" took place in Almaty at KazZhol hotel. The forum gathered those who were against the idea of Kazakhstan joining the Euroasian economic union (EurAsEC).

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Today Kazakhstan celebrates the national Day of Lovers

Today, April 15, Kazakhstan celebrates the national Day of lovers - Ұлттық ғашықтар күні (Oulttyk gashiktar kouni).

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April 9

Farewell to Kashagan

Only a few days ago my colleague Azamat Maitanov published the article “Kashagan to be ruined by Italian convict and our businessmen in ministerial chairs”. And today we received a new information: starting from June this year the Bolashak onshore processing unit (part of the facilities of  Kashagan North Caspian project) will be mothballed for 2 years. The reason: total replacement of pipelines at Kashagan.

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Bomb threat at Atyrau railway station

Yesterday, after 19:00 hrs, the law enforcement bodies of Atyrau started to search the explosive device in the railway station building.

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April 8

Ex-Governor’s Case. “Business Komek” Fund: putting squeeze on businesses

During court hearings one of the main witnesses of the block “Business Komek” State Fund for Support of Social Projects - the former fund director Azamat Abilgazin has been questioned.

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April 4

“TCO’s sole way” (+update)

Public hearings on environmental impact assesment of the project “Cargo transportation rout in northeast part of the Caspian Sea. The North Caspian sea channel with berthing facilities” was held in Atyrau.  


April 2

Atyrau hosts oil & gas, construction exhibitions and conference

Atyrau is hosting two important exhibitions - Atyrau Oil&Gaz-2014 and AtyrauBuild-2012. The exhibitions are opened in Atyrau sport complex and adjacent temp pavilion and will work from April 1 till April 3. 


April 1

Kashagan to be ruined by Italian convict and our businessmen in ministerial chairs

Paolo Scaroni, the CEO of Italian transnational oil and gas company Eni, is sentenced to three years of imprisonment.

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March 31

Ryskaliyev's organized criminal group member detained in Aktobe

On March 28, one more person, Zhanbolat Dyusenbayev, involved in ‘Bergey Ryskaliyev's organized criminal group’ has been detained in Aktobe Oblast.


March 26

Guerino Papa: “Music is an Internal Suffering”

Guerino Papa, an internationally renowned singer from Italy arrived to Atyrau to give two concerts that will be held on April 4 and 5 in Makhambet Drama Theatre.

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March 31

Supersausage was consumed fast

On March 29 the visitors of one of city supermarkets consumed 10-meter sausage.

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March 28

Centenarian fell from balcony in Atyrau

Today, March 28, around 2:30pm, an old woman fell from the 4th floor balcony of the house #56A on Auezov Street. The fall was fatal.


March 27

Ex-Governor’s Case: His Word Was Law

Ex-first deputy governor of Atyrau Oblast Bolat Daukenov is, undoubtedly, one of the key figures at the trial. During interrogations in the court he gave extensive evidences, moreover, he voiced both his attitude to the court trial and his personal role in it.


March 26

Kamaz cattle truck and Opel collided

This morning, March 26, approximately at 8:30am on the crossroads Atyrau-Inder and Atyrau-Dossor near Birlik village Opel-Omega car collided with KAMAZ truck loaded with live cattle.

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On April 1 starts one of key events in the North Caspian region

The 8th Atyrau regional oil and gas technological conference "OILTECH Atyrau 2014" will take place on April 1-2, 2014 in Atyrau. The participants of the events are the reps of the RoK Ministry of Oil and Gas, the RoK Ministry of Environmental Protection, the RoK Ministry of Industry and New Technologies, the Akimat of Atyrau Oblast, key oil-extracting and oil industry service companies, oil and petrochemical refineries from Austria, Belarus, Germany, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, Russia.


March 23

March 20

Spring has come, my dears and nears!

In the western regions of our country people start celebrating Nauryz on March 14 with traditional ‘korisu’ (literal translation – “to shake hands”). The meaning of this custom: people rejoiced that they made it through long and harsh winter and stayed alive and healthy.


March 17

Nauryz Holidays in Atyrau

Atyrau Mayor’s Office informed that Nauryz celebration will start on March 21, at 11:00am at the central Makhambet and Issatay Square.


March 14

Today West Kazakhstan marks Korisu

Today, March 14, Kazakhs in the west of Kazakhstan have started celebration of Korisu, a holiday of seeing each other after the winter. reports.


March 13

Atyrau to host 2nd international business forum - AtyrauInvest-2014

Atyrau will host the 2nd international business forum, AtyrauInvest-2014 on April 3, 2014, National Export and Investment Agency of Kazakhstan, Kaznex Invest JSC informed.


On Nauryz 22, at 11:00AM please come and join the game Altyn Saka!

Ak Zhaik newspaper invites kids to participate in the annual Altyn Saka competition - the game of asyk (asyk- sheep knuckle bones).

The competition will take place on March 22 at 11:00 AM at the square in front of the Central Mosque (on Satpaev Avenue).


March 12

360 million tenge allocated in Atyrau for flood prevention (updated)

Under the chairmanship of the Deputy Governor Salimzhan Nakpaev the session of the Committee for Emergency Situation was held in Atyrau, the press-service of Atyrau Oblast Government reported on March 11.

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March 11

Consortium faces ecological penalty amounting to 134 billion tenge

The Ecology Department of Atyrau Oblast sent instructions to Agip KCO and NCOC about  compensation over damage to the environment for the amount of 134.2bn tenge, caused as a result of flaring nearly 2.8 million cubic meters of sour gas.


March 7

Tomorrow, March 8, International Women’s Day!

Tomorrow, March 8, is International Women’s Day! International Women’s Day was founded in 1910 as a day that each country would devote to recognizing and addressing the needs and concerns of women.


Atyrau Refinery fined for 24bn tenge for ecological damage

On 5 March Atyrau Oblast Ecology Department issued an order about compensation of ecological damage by Atyrau Refinery for environmental pollution caused by flaring sour gas. The fine amounted to nearly 24bn tenge. The refinery administration disagreed with the order and demands a re-inspection.


March 6

Kazakhstan to enjoy 8 days of holidays in March

Eight days of holidays fall on March 2014 in Kazakhstan, reports citing the e-government website.  


Tengizchevroil and NCOC to Raise Salaries of Workers

According to TCO press release, the company raised the salaries of its employees by 10% from February 1, 2014. This was announced by Tim Miller, the CEO of the company, at the communication session with the employees. Mr. Miller said that as of April 1, 2014 the base salary will be additionally increased by by an average of nine percent and more.  


March 5

Oilfield workers of Atyrau ‘discovered’ 3 000 years old ancient burial

Atyrau Oblast oilfield workers made a shocking finding. They found a cumuli of human remains in the desert. The captured video was sent to KTK TV channel office.


March 4

Ex-Governor’s Case. Azbergenova continues hunger strike

Last Thursday, Feb 27, the scheduled court session was cancelled due to absence of the defendant Gulmira Azbergenova (ex-chief accountant of AktobeHausConstraction LLP and BNB Construction LLP), who is in a pre-trial detention center.





Quote of the week

Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan:

- Quite recently, at the beginning of April, the central square in the Russian city of Nevel (Pskov region) was named after a war hero - our countryman from Pavlodar Abylkhair Baimuldin, where he was buried in January, 1944.

(said at the XXI Session of the People’s Assembly of Kazakhstan)


It is expected that in May the presidents of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus will sign the Eurasian Economic Union agreement, that will become fully functional in 2015. The authorities of our country are sure of the benefit of the new organization, unlike the opposition and many experts. Should we join this alliance?
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