1 Anonymous April 1 2014, 19:28
Perhaps RoK is slowly learning that jumping in to bed (sometimes literally) with Italians is rarely a good move.
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2 Anonymous April 3 2014, 14:04
'cause Italians are used to jump from one bed to another anywhere around! bad way of conduct was caught from wrong people! pity that such a project is in dead END! Time to get rid of scavengers!
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3 Anonymous April 3 2014, 17:20
The Kazakhs and the Italians deserve each other! Google "corruption Kazakhstan" and then "corruption Italy"....did you spot the similarity?
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4 Anonymous April 10 2014, 14:56
i worked on that project for a long time. I told them 3 yeas ago about the pipe lines defects including all suspect weld joints, but they refused to act upon, not even minimum preservation. You get what you deserve
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