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Nakpayev assigned deputy governor of Atyrau again (UPDATE)

February 15 2013, 12:09


Convicted in April 2012 for 'arbitrariness', Nakpayev played a key role in the dismissal of his 'bully' boss.Convicted in April 2012 for 'arbitrariness', Nakpayev played a key role in the dismissal of his 'bully' boss.According to informal sources, Salimzhan Nakpayev will be assigned the deputy governor of Atyrau Oblast.

Convicted in April 2012 for 'arbitrariness', reportedly upon a direct order from ex-governor Bergei Ryskaliyev, Nakpayev played a key role in the dismissal of his 'bully' boss.

It is widely believed that he is the one who opened eyes of Akorda [presidential residence in Astana] to a situation in a remote province, which entailed 'resignation' of then governor and investigation of multi-billion budget embezzlement in the regional administration - 42 criminal proceedings were launched into stolen T42bn. 

Next to Ryskaliyev's resignation in August 2012, Nakpayev's case was reconsidered and he was fully justifed in following September.

And then he vanished, up to these days, when rumors developed about his appointment to his old chair.

Allegedly, he will replace Askar Abdirov, a Ryskaliyev's deputy in charge of communal utilities and energy supplies, who is now under house arrest.

The oblast akimat denied to comment appointments. But some people either well-received in top power or by Nakpayev himself, confirmed the latter is 'now enjoying congratulations.'

P.S. Upon ruling of Governor Izmukhambetov, Salimzhan Nakpayev was assigned deputy governor of Atyrau Oblast on February 19. 

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