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Hockey matches cancelled following equipment breakdown

September 10 2012, 16:48

The two opening  matches between the ice hockey teams of Beibars (Atyrau) and Kazzinc-Torpedo-2 (Oskemen) which had been scheduled to take place on September 8-9 in the Khiuaz Dospanova Ice Stadium of Atyrau, were cancelled resulting in two by-default losses for Beibars.

According to the head coach of 'the Mameluks' Aleksander ISTOMIN, the matches were cancelled due to breaking of the stadium's ice-resurfacer. It is yet still unknown when the new machine, that has been ordered, will arrive. Beibars will be playing its next two home matches against the team of Almaty in a neutral stadium - in Astana on September 12 and 13.  


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