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Atyrau streets turning to 'skating tracks'

January 22 2013, 16:35


Quite unusual weather phenomenon -- rain in January -- is reigning over entire Atyrau Oblast. Weather forecasters describe it as originating from warm fronts traveling through our region.

According to the head of weather forecast in local Kazgidromet [republican meteorology agency] office, Kulaina Myrzasheva, tomorrow Atyrau will see the same weather -- south wind, 0-2 Celcius degrees during the day and -2, -4 frost at night.

"Collision of fronts will bring unstable weather - rainfalls, fogs and ice-ups, she says. - For the last week of January, the oblast expects night temperature jumps from -6, -11 down to -13, -18 and -23 in some places. During daylight the weather will be -2, +3."

Due to weather conditions, today some companies have let their employees go home in order to avoid evening injuries in the ice-up. Unfortunately, communal services are showing no care about townspeople - all the pavements are covered with shining ice and water layer.

Indeed, the most dangerous part will begin tonight when frost will develop and the city streets will turn into a solid skating track.


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