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Kazakhstan’s major investor countries and investments destinations announced

January 16 2013, 10:05

Based on the data provided by the National Bank of Kazakhstan, presented information on major investor countries and Kazakh investments destinations.

 As of September 30, 2012, the Netherlands were responsible for 1/3 of all the investments into the Kazakh economy ($49 billion), followed by the UK ($24.7 billion) and China ($18.2 billion). The top ten also includes the USA ($17.9 billion), France ($8.6 billion), Virgin Islands ($6.3 billion), Russia ($5.3 billion), Japan ($5.1 billion), Switzerland ($3.9 billion) and Austria ($2.5 billion).

 The overall investments into the Kazakh economy as of the end of September 2012 stood at $177.7 billion.

 As for Kazakhstan’s investments abroad, over 29% ($45.6 billion) has been injected into the USA, with $16.8 billion invested into the UK, $16.2 billion into the Netherlands, $8 billion into Russia, $7.6 billion into Germany, $6.3 billion into France, $5.3 billion into Japan, $3.4 billion into Austria, $3.3 billion into Switzerland, and $3.1 billion into Canada.

 As of the end of September 2012, the overall Kazakhstan’s investments abroad exceeded $155.3 billion.

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