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2012 crude and coal production figures announced

January 14 2013, 16:09

In 2012 Kazakhstan produced a total of 79.211 million tons of crude, including condensed gas: 1.1% down as compared to 2011, reports, citing the State Agency for Statistics.

The crude production output for the period made up 66.462 million tons (1.9% down), with condensed gas production standing at 12.749 million tons (3.7% up).

Natural gas production for the period made up 40.090 billion cubic meters (1.5% up).

Coal production for the period totaled 120.511 million tons (3.5% up).

Petrol production totaled 2.874 million tons (3.6% up), with diesel fuel production figure raising to 4.720 million tons (1.2% up).

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