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Tenge weakened against dollar

January 9 2013, 14:33

Over 2012, exhange rate of Kazakh tenge against the US dollar weakened in nominal terms by 1.6% - as of the year-end 1 dollar costs 150.74 tenge, reports citing National Bank.

According to the bank's report, in 2012 tenge-dollar rate fluctuated between 147.50 and 150.86.

The volume of market deals in US dollars at Kazakhstan's stock exchange with account of deals in additional markets made $55.4bn, less by 21.6% to compare with 2011.

Off-market operations' volume reduced against 2011 by 31.2% making $26.9bn.

In total, trading volume in domestic money market amounted US $82.3bn,  that's 25% less than in 2011.

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