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Kazakh police officers to see a pay raise in 2013

January 3 2013, 12:32

Starting from January 1, 2013, police officers will have their monthly wages raised by 30%.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs requested the Budget Commission to review the budget spending in the 2013-2015 budgeting program and increase premium pays for certain ranks for a total of 35.322 billion tenge, said the chairman of Drug Fighting Committee, Major General Anatoly Vyborov at the meeting with police officers in Almaty. He confirmed that the budget committee approved of the budget funds for the salary raise.

According to the Ministry of Interior Affairs, the average salary with regard to the increased premium payments will total: 226,405 tenge (current 175,562 tenge) for head of district department, Lieutenant Colonel, with a 20-year length of service; 142,397 tenge (current 97,199 tenge) for central police office detective with 5-7 years of service, 134,667 tenge (current 100,618 tenge) for police inspector, Captain, with 5-7 years of service; 117,733 tenge (current 72,535 tenge) for district investigator, Major, 5-7 years.

Police officers in addition to their monthly salaries receive regular bonuses paid on the occasion of national holidays, for annual vacations, year-end bonuses in the amount of one-month salary, as well as bonuses for good performance of work. The other pluses are the traditional social package, an early retirement, as well as relatively high retirement pay.


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