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MP proposed to be stricter for drunken driving

November 21 2012, 20:37

Senator Zh. ToregeldinovSenator Zhumabek Toregeldinov suggests to severe punishment for violation of traffic rules and introduce criminal prosecution for drunken driving:

“For exceeding speed by 40km/h and more above set limits driver’s license should be confiscated for 2-5 years” he said addressing inquiry to PMSerik Akhmetov. 
In addition, senator recommends increasing penalty for crossing at red lights or a traffic warden’s stop sign; introduce arrest of up to 10 days for driving after confiscation of driver’s license or handovering vehicle to disqualified individuals; limit issuing C category driver’s licenses for under-21 individuals; and to strongly ban under-25s from driving public transport and require driving experience of minimum 5 years.
“We need a stronger punishment for those who park at roadways with emergency signals along busy streets. By doing so, such people create artificial road bottlenecks” added Mr Toregeldinov.
WKT citing KazTAG
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