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Russia and Kazakhstan create joint air defense system

December 30 2013, 12:34

dfgdfgdgdfgThe law on ratification of agreement between Russia and KZ about joint air defense has been signed today.The agreement authorizes, among other crossing by military pilots of border between the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan without special decisions, reports with reference to ITAR-TASS. The law on ratification of the relevant agreement was published today.

It is provided that construction and use of uniform system of air defense will be carried out on the basis of armies' joint actions' coordination or forces of uniform system of air defense in a peace time. Thus direct military submission to national commands remains.

The agreement signed in Astana on January 30 of this year, authorizes among other crossing by military pilots of border between Russia and Kazakhstan without special political decisions.

Armies of uniform system of air defense will be headed by the commander appointed by the presidents of Russia and Kazakhstan on representation of national Ministers of Defence.

The location of command centre of joint air defense system is the Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty. 

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