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The 'Drunken Master' rumble

August 16 2012, 19:40

In the evening of August 13 a fight took place between Kazakh and Chinese workers near the dormitory of EurasiaStroyKapital LLP located in the city outskirts.  
According to the Press Secretary of the Oblast Internal Affairs Department Goulnazira MUKHTAROVA, a police squad arrived shortly upon the call from witnesses and stopped the 30-people skirmish. Four injured men were taken to hospital and released after receiving first aid.
The translator of Sinopec Engineering Jao Kyu YUAN confirmed the fact of fighting between Kazakh and Chinese workers:
- Yes, something happened in EurasiaStroyKapital, but I don’t know the details. Nobody showed up at work today. 5 to 7 Chinese workers took part in the fight. All of them are ill now.
Medical personnel of municipal hospital also confirmed the involvement of Chinese workers in the incident. According to them all the injured Chinese “were drunk.”
According to our sources, the fight emerged between the citizens of the Celestial Empire and local citizens who repatriated from China.
As reported, the management of Atyrau Refinery where EurasiaStroyKapital LLP is involved in the construction of the aromatic hydrocarbons complex applied to the management of the general contractor Sinopec Engineering in order to conduct an emergency meeting on the group fight.


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